BDG Employee Directory

Mark KhatibEmail Mark Khatib

Executive Vice President - Benefit Design Group Inc.

Kevin SherlockEmail Kevin Sherlock

VP of Operations

Vicky KenneyEmail Vicky Kenney

Manager - Account Management Services

Tom ArthurEmail Tom Arthur

Director of IT Services

Pat CrawleyEmail Pat Crawley

Agent Recruiter

Annette HeimlichEmail Annette Heimlich

Supervisor Operations

John SladeEmail John Slade

Executive Customer Service Advisor

Colleen SmartEmail Colleen Smart

Billing and Collections

Jennifer AngelilliEmail Jennifer Angelilli

Broker of Record/Block Transfers

Brenda WagnerEmail Brenda Wagner

New And Renewing Business (Large Group)

Gwen GrimesEmail Gwen Grimes

New And Renewing Business (Small Group)

Rita TimmonsEmail Rita Timmons

Individual Markets

Sara ChapmanEmail Sara Chapman

COBRA Administration

Kathleen MackEmail Kathleen Mack

Office Coordinator/Receptionist